My karaoke song is always Rhiannon by Fleetwood Mac.
— Fun Fact You didn't Ask for

I'm a New York based actress, writer and singer originally from a small field in Gilbert, South Carolina (or as the locals call it: Gilbert, America). I graduated from NYU Tisch School of the Arts and the Stella Adler Studio of Acting with a B.F.A. and would’ve finished my politics minor if it weren’t for pulling double duty on an outreach tour of Macbeth & performing opposite David Greenspan in Professor Brenner at HERE Arts Center (then again, anyone can read Anarchy State & Utopia on their subway commute, amirite?). While at NYU I performed at both the Stella Adler Studio and with the College of Arts and Science Theatre Company (CAST). Since graduating I have been a ginger, blonde, and blissfully have returned to my natural brunette curly locks. I would like to thank the entire world for their patience with my ever-evolving hair-based identity crisis. I have have performed alongside incredible artists as part of INTAR’s UNIT 52, the 24 Hour Plays: Nationals, and studied with Lyle Kessler as part of his ongoing Master Class. I am currently performing in THE COOPING THEORY 1969, Who Killed Edgar Allan Poe? Which has been featured in the New York Post, Wall Street Journal, Time Out NY, Playbill, NY Daily News, No Proscenium, and The New York Times. On the small screen, you can catch me in episode #3 of LOVE LIFE on HBO, coming soon ;)


In my free time, you can find me scanning the shelves at any Book Culture in NYC for new Tracy K. Smith & Anne Carson books/novellas/poetry/their addresses...or being a menace to society and continuing to keep my nose buried in a book whilst walking the streets of the city (“still better than looking at a phone!” - one guy on the 1 train stairwell). I paint, bake & am a Snape stan for fun.

I have a few favorites to thank for the shots of my face & other parts:

Jesey Sanchez @jeseysanchez

Bre (Gabriela Della Corna)  @breee_cheeese

Deb Lopez @dlopezstudio

Bailey Townsend @hair_by_bay

XX, Mak