JANUARY 4, 2019





Just wrapped Far Enough (my first short film as a writer YAHOO!) with my favorite team. I was lucky enough to bring Jeff Ayars on board as both the director and DP. Thankfully, J & S work well under pressure because due to weather, we shot the entire film in one day. Simone Policano did an incredible job producing my film and bringing the character of Corey to life. I can’t think of anyone else who could’ve played my best friend better - honestly it’s a shame we don’t really vibe in real life.

It was incredible to share my hometown of Gilbert, South Carolina with two of my favorite collaborators and friends, and to have such supportive people along for the ride while telling this story. Far Enough is about two best friends finding their rhythm again after a semester apart. The film tackles discovering sexual identity in a rural town and the seemingly impossible feat of escaping the place that you call home.

Look for more news soon! Can’t wait to share the artists we are bringing on board in post-production!

Xx, Mak

I know it’s hard to tell because you’re here, but once you leave, you can just do other shit.