Oct 2019



"The Best Immersive Theatre in NYC" (Top 10)- TIMEOUT NY

"Biggest Shows of the Season"- DAILY NEWS NY

A "psychologically intense affair"- WALL STREET JOURNAL

(The)Cooping Theory 1969 is a delightful Halloween Midnight Movie of a show. The myriad of possible meanings wrapped up in such a tightly crafted aesthetic, elevate the show from mere homage to something spectacular…” - NO PROSCENIUM

SEPT 2019

My new play, The Gap, will be produced by Ella Mora and The Tank and directed by Maggie Monahan on September 22nd at 3pm and 7pm. The Gap follows a cheerleading team in a small town in the South, newly given the opportunity to redeem themselves at State. When the co-captain makes it her mission to get the racist school mascot removed, her peers challenge her commitment to “change.” Biting, heightened realism is punctuated by expressive poetry, dreams, and dialogue with the audience. It is for womxn or genderqueer actors only.  Join us for a first look! Tickets coming soon!

AUG 2019

From August 19th -November 2nd I’ll be playing the newest member of The Poe Society, Manhattan Chapter: Anna Carver in Nate Raven’s play The Cooping Theory 1969. We’ll be stirring things up in RPM Underground’s Members Only area all throughout the spookiest season of the year. Get tickets and join us for an evening you won't forget.

June 2019

Later this month, I will be filming a SAG-AFTRA feature called Chronicles of a Serial Killer, where I play a foul-mouthed girl from Brooklyn who (somehow!!) doesn’t get murdered. 

June 2019

In a surprise twist (since I have only been back to my natural hair color for 1 calendar year) I will be playing Marilyn Monroe in Greg Depaul’s play R&R that will premiere at the 7th Inning Stretch Festival at the Mile Square Theater in Hoboken, NJ. This play is an imaginative cab ride that collects everyone’s favorite 1940’s cabbie, a veteran home from the war for a brief stint before shipping out again, Joe DiMaggio, and a very not-yet-famous Norma Jean. I’m thrilled to be working with Lou Moreno as my director for the first time!

May 2019

Played a young woman who is paralyzed by the fear that her life is meaningless who is house-sitting for her boss in what can only be described as a technologically overwhelming apartment. The glorified busy-work all becomes too much for this would-be artist and she takes it out on a coffee machine…because there’s no one else around. Cappuccino is an NYU Short Film directed by Carson Coronel.

April 2019

Had the time of my life working on The Jersey Devil Doesn’t Exist with The Shrill Collective and directed by the extraordinary Kristina Cole. This play, written by Jess Honovich (who I met at 24 Hour Plays: Nationals almost 2 years ago!!), was one of the highlights of my career thus far. I was thrilled to be working with an extremely generous all female cast and creative team, finally getting to play a Queer character and the conversations that came out of this play about the violence of deprivation, the endings of childhood & believing women when they say there is a monster in the woods. 

Mar. 2019

After 3 years of writing, I compiled my poetry book together for the first time and I have officially begun the search for a publisher that would best fit my writing style and be able to authentically represent the content of the book. I can’t wait to share this story.

Jan. 2019

I wrote, produced and starred in Far Enough which is a short film about two young women who are navigating back to their rhythm of friendship after a semester apart. Getting to work with my real life best friend Simone Policano was a treasure and I will always be grateful for such a fruitful beginning to 2019.

Nov. 2018

I got to play opposite my dear friend Jeff Ayars in the pilot of Undecided directed by Yessie Klein and produced by Maribel Bosa. This choose-your-own-story series explores workplace sexual harassment and what the smallest decision could change in the effort to avoid sexual assault.

Worked with Amara Brady for the second time this year on her new play Angie 4.0 as part of The Shelter’s Peep Show (aka, a collection of 7 plays that scared the living sh** out of me). Amara’s play begins at an overcrowded dinner table with four White presenting people and one Black woman and tackles the disregard our country has for disrespecting and brutalizing Black and Brown bodies. It was a pleasure getting to work with Amara as a writer for the first time and be directed by Gineris Garcia once again.

OCT. 2018

Sept. 2018

I played a “be the change you wish to see in the world” performance artist in Nora Sørena Casey's new play Holding Up The World as a part of The Motor Company's 2018 COMMUNAL SPACES THEATER FESTIVAL. Gineris Garcia directed, which is always a treat! Communal Spaces is a yearly tradition that focuses on producing site-specific plays and was such a fun way to round out my summer.

May 2018

Loved being part of Jan Rosenberg’s reading of her play How to Destroy An American Girl Doll as a part of the Harold Clurman Lab Reading Series. Her writing is one of a kind. She is writing the plays I wish I had read as a teenager.

May 2018

Played a daughter who is all-grown up and ready to take on college in BB&T’s commercial, Life Changing Decisions.

APril 2018

Stepped back into my classical roots and worked with Jerry Ruiz on The Resident Acting Company’s production of Much Ado About Nothing as the ill-fated Hero. This play left me with more questions than answers about the “happy” endings Shakespeare provides for female characters who have been grossly misjudged and outrightly wronged by their male lovers.

Mar. 2018

Finished out my first time at Unit 52 at INTAR. We studied María Irene Fornés each week for three months and I can’t think of a more incredible theatre maker to dive into. I loved getting to explore each of her plays in great depth and working with INTAR faculty as well as our Unit Director, Jerry Ruiz, to bring life to these epic and utterly human characters.

Jan. 2018

Developed the original role of Jess in Victoria Fragnito’s debut play, Scar Tissue at Dixon Place. This play tackled the lasting psychological trauma surrounding sexual assault and the ways in which having a solid support system can help you navigate through even the murkiest of waters.